Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Keeping Away My Lonesome Blues

A twitter friend in another country recently asked me to comment on the UK election. Unfortunately, this election has rendered me speechless. Unlike Gordon Brown, whose supporters have been excitedly posting youtube clips of the moment he 'found his voice', I have remained unable to articulate my real views on this depressing spectacle. I think that's what depression is in some ways, an inability to express one's feelings.
So, whilst me and them lonesome blues collide on the eve of the conclusion to this seemingly interminable election, I'm handing over the mic to some braver, more eloquent souls than me. As seen on twitter:

'On the eve of #ge2010, I'm featuring the election blogs that have inspired me most and which have made my election 'media coverage' bearable

Next in my election blog special, @brokenbottleboy 's letter to his 13 year old self, 13 years after 1997:

And this brilliant demolition of the BNP by @andshesaidit is one of the best things I've read on the election!

Finally, a blog that really resonated with me, by @mistertumnusabout the power of being quietly subversive: '

Thank-you, and goodnight*.

*I hope that Friday I will be back to my motivated, verbal, politically angry and active self!


  1. Hey! I appreciate the post! Google search of @replies revealed that you'd looked out for me on Twitter today! I feel special :) I've had to delete my Twitter and blog for some personal security reasons. I do use Facebook/Gtalk and I can email an explanation if you're interested. I will be back on Twitter but it make take a month or so.

    Thanks for the lovely correspondence and links :)

    -Rabayl from Twitter

  2. Phew! I am glad you are ok. It would be great to keep in touch via email